What Makes The Best Email Hosting For Small Businesses?

What Makes The Best Email Hosting For Small Businesses?

Email is a powerful marketing medium that ensures effective communication, builds relationships, and drives engagement. Although free email services provide decent service and advantages, they create an unprofessional and generic impression on your client.

Further, 162.04 billion spam messages are sent every day by email. But with email hosting in Australia, you can be assured that your email won’t get lost in a sea of unwanted emails.

In this article, let us see why email hosting is a better option for small businesses. You can get a domain and hosting plan inclusive of email hosting service for streamlining and convenient hosting infrastructure.

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting service is a professional email hosting service through a hosting server or email server. You can receive, send, and store email, the same as the free email service, but you get additional features tailored to your needs.

You get a unique email address that you can create and custom as per your domain, helping you create a professional image in front of your customers.

How Does Email Hosting Work?

With the best email hosting in Australia, you can streamline all your operations of managing your email. You get various advanced email management features like email rerouting, secure authentication, domain name management, and more.

The best email hosting server becomes an intermediary, making sure that emails are sent and received securely without any risk of viruses or spam.

They provide industrial standard encryption to protect your data during movement and ensure there is no unauthorised access.

With the best Australian email hosting, there is timely communication, which reduces the likelihood of critical communication.

Difference Between Free Email Services vs. Email Hosting

FeatureEmail HostingFree Email Services
Control over domainYou get complete control over your email domain, enabling you to create professional email addresses like [email protected].There is limited control over your email addresses, so you can only create emails like [email protected].
BrandingHelps to reinforce brand identity with custom domain namesThere is limited branding potential as there are  generic email addresses
SecurityThey provide additional security measures against malware, spam, phishing, and other threatsYou get basic security measures, more susceptible to hacking and spam attacks
Mail deliveryThere is a higher likelihood of proper delivery because emails from custom domains have fewer chances of being flagged by filtersThere is a high risk of emails being flagged or filtered
SupportYou get 24/7 support through various channels.There is no such support provided.

Why is Email Hosting Best for Small Business?

To get the best communication through your email hosting, make sure they include the following features-

1. Multiple MX servers

A good email hosting provides continuous email access by switching to a backup server if the main server fails.

2. Backups

The best email hosting for small businesses ensures a disaster recovery plan with offsite backups for the secure restoration of lost messages.

3. 24/7 support

They provide round-the-clock assistance via live chat, phone, email, or tickets for swift and comprehensive help.

4. SSL connectivity

SSL connectivity is essential for securing data transmission, especially for online shops that deal with sensitive information. Most email hosting ensures you get it inclusive of your email hosting package.

5. Anti-spam guard

The best email hosting in Australia also ensures an advanced filter like SpamExperts to block unsolicited emails, ensuring a spam-free inbox.


A good email hosting powers up small businesses for a solid online presence. It ensures and enhances your credibility, secures your sensitive information, and contributes towards business growth.