Top Digital Marketing Trends by Evan Tynan

Top Digital Marketing Trends by Evan Tynan

Digital marketing is key for today’s businesses, and you must know how to leverage your advertising dollars, so you’re able to reach as many people in your target market as possible. We’ll look at the latest trends in digital marketing, according to Evan Tynan.

Push Notifications

Sending your potential customers a push notification on their phones can make it easier for your business to stay at the forefront of their minds. Messages can be personalized and can come from your app or through text. When you pop up on your customer’s phones, they’ll be reminded of what your company has to offer. This can be especially effective for customers who have shopped on your site but have left without making a purchase.

Video Marketing

Believe it or not, most Americans watch videos on their phones for more than an hour a day. Your videos don’t necessarily need to be ads for your company, instead, they can be packed with interesting or funny information that appeals to your target market. For this type of marketing to work well, it’s important to learn more about the social media platforms your target market tends to use so that you’re able to meet them where they’re at, says Evan Tynan.

Interactive Content Marketing

Gone are the days of customers simply reading an ad and deciding to shop with your company. Today’s consumers want to be able to interact with your brand and learn what you’re all about. Live video features on Facebook and Instagram allow your brand to interact with customers and answer their questions in real-time. You can pop on live videos randomly to interact with customers, or schedule and advertise them so consumers know when you’ll be available to answer their questions in real-time.

Influencer Marketing

There’s no way around it–influencers are key to helping to promote brand awareness. It’s a smart move to find a few influencers whose lifestyles emulate what you’re working to promote with your brand. Hearing your messaging from an influencer can feel far more influential to your target audience than hearing your message directly from your brand. Again, it’s key to know exactly where your target market tends to hang out on social media to find the influencers who they’re most likely to listen to, according to Evan Tynan.

Flexibility is Key

Digital marketing trends change constantly. No matter what type of digital marketing campaign you’re working on, it’s important to check back regularly and ensure that it’s still a good fit for your brand. Working with a digital marketing agency can help you understand the insights produced by your ad and discover how to continue to move your brand forward in today’s increasingly digital age.