Provide views or sexual education from an early age, so that children learn to choose and have a sense of responsibility for their actions.

With this we can also protect children from promiscuity. What is promiscuity? Why should be given education about sex from an early age? How to educate about sexual? Who should educate the child? What impact will arise if parents do not care about this problem?

In general, the definition of promiscuity is behavior that has crossed the limits of applicable norms. These norms can include religious, immoral, social, and others. There are many kinds of promiscuity such as drug abuse, free sex, drunkenness, to juvenile delinquency.

As a parent, you definitely want your child to be free from negative things, one of which is free sex (premarital sex). Therefore parents must provide education about this, because this can affect the future of the child.

Parents are the first people who should be able to provide sexual education, because it is parents who can be trusted by the child. Unisma It is hoped that children can be more open with their parents and parents can direct their children.

There are various ways that we can do to educate children about sexuality, one of which is by providing an understanding of how to get along with the opposite sex, reproductive organs, sexual activity, the impact that will arise if there is an error, and others by using language that is easy to understand.

If parents do not care about this problem, children can fall into negative things such as promiscuity, sexual harassment of others, then free sex, even the spread of HIV/AIDS which can cause death.

My opinion about sexual views or education from an early age is very important to know and understand at the age of adolescence so that we teenagers can understand and limit relationships that have a negative impact.

Because in today’s generation, many do not pay attention to the importance of sexual education for children. One possibility is that sexual education is still considered taboo or unethical.

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