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Retailers can benefit from plastic postcards


Nov 23, 2021

Plastic postcards fall under direct mail, which may or may not be part of a retailer’s marketing campaign. This type of marketing strategy is durable, attractive, and rigid. A plastic postcard is visually appealing and a great way to inform potential customers about a new business and generate a steady stream of customers.

Up to 90% of direct mail is viewed or opened and 82% of millennials indicate that they trust printed mail more than digital mail.

Benefits for retailers

Plastic postcards are proven to elicit more of an emotional response from recipients than digital mail. Retailers can benefit greatly by incorporating plastic postcards into their advertising campaigns.

1. Visual appeal and interaction

Bright graphics, high-quality images, and glossy color digital printing add to the visual appeal of plastic postcards. These features make plastic postcards eye-catching and interesting.

In addition, customers can keep pop-outs in a wallet for easy access. It promotes a call to action that drives customers to the retailer. Promotional offers, discounts, store information such as location and contact details can be displayed on a plastic postcard.

2. Personal touch

Plastic postcards can be personalized by adding the customer’s name to the card. This elicits an emotional response as recipients of direct mail indicate that they look forward to receiving direct mail. It fosters a personal relationship with potential customers by addressing them directly.

3. Plastic postcards are rigid and durable

Plastic postcards are firm and rigid. These postcards are heavier than traditional mail and therefore stand out from other mail the recipient may receive.

In addition, these cards are durable and waterproof. They survive the delivery process, during which most mail is often damaged. Especially in the sorting machines of the postal services. The postcards look just as good as they were printed.

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