How to Succeed on Your Resume?

How to Succeed on Your Resume?

How to write an effective resume in order to capture the attention of the recruiters? That is a frequently asked question by job seekers. Headhunters are now more demanding than ever. They want to avoid staff turnover which is always very expensive for their companies. Before hiring a candidate, they take time to verify every detail and that begins with the Curriculum Vitae. It is then important to have an excellent resume. The following advice will certainly help you achieve that goal.

Highlight your Skills and Experiences

It is important to highlight your main skills and experiences in your CV. If you have a large number of professional experiences, think of favoring the most recent ones and those having the most links with the job sought. Also think about the skills the recruiter might be looking for, and try to transcribe them in the different sections of your Curriculum Vitae.

You should keep in mind that recruiters receive hundreds of resumes. They will only take a few minutes to read yours. This is why it is critical that the main information is highlighted. The more you make the recruiter’s life easier, the more grateful they will be. It is also important to adapt your resume for each job offer you apply for.

Have a Distinguished CV

Your resume must be different from the others, both by its design and its content. For a good start, consider using an online CV creator where you can find diverse attractive templates. As capturing the attention of the recruiter is the main goal, having an original Curriculum Vitae is the best thing to do. Plus, it will enhance the content of your resume. A successful CV is unique and representative of its owner’s personality.

Moreover, adding links to your personal blog, a QR code (Quick Response Code) to a video or to your portfolio can also help differentiate yourself from other applicants. So, do not hesitate to use your CV to put forward all the elements that can make a difference.

Do not Exceed Two Pages for your CV

Many candidates think they will impress recruiters by proposing a long resume of several pages. Know that it is a bad idea! The general rule is making a CV of only one page. Only in certain cases, a 2-page CV will be tolerated: numerous professional experiences, particular professional sector, etc. If you have little professional experience or are a student, a single page resume is highly recommended because it will work in your favor.