How Packaging Testing Can Help Your Business

If you own a business that frequently needs to ship products to consumers or retailers, packaging testing may be a helpful service that can aid in making sure your products arrive at their destination in one piece and in working order. Here are some specifics about how this type of service can be beneficial to your company.

Compares Your Packaging to that of Competitors

The International Safe Transit Association, or ISTA, has testing guidelines for a few different types of testing, including performance and development tests. These types of testing can help ensure that products are safely delivered to the correct destination of the business’s choosing. Development tests are those that will compare the type and quality of packaging you use to those of your competitors so you can improve your packing process to help make it better than others who are selling similar products. This can encourage healthy competition that incentivizes companies to make positive changes to their packaging process, and it can benefit customers as well, who may be more satisfied with your product if it arrives in good condition more often.

Determines Whether or Not Your Product Will Ship Safely

The testing guidelines for ISTA performance tests are different from those of development tests. These guidelines specifically determine how well your packages are put together for durability during the standard shipment process based on a number of factors. Utilizing these types of testing services can help you better understand if you have a need to change or improve the way you package your products so that they can stay in good condition while being transported.

Having your packages tested can give your business important insight into what problems may need to be addressed in the shipping and packaging process it has set in place. This may be able to alert your company of what it specifically needs to do in order to prevent damage from occurring to products and to deliver quality products that arrive in better condition that than those of competitors.