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Find Out Foremost Reasons To Invest In A Tile Roof Installation


Oct 19, 2021

All over Florida, there are many neighborhoods where you will almost exclusively see tile roofing. Tile roof installations are prevalent in Florida mostly because of the stunning look and the strength it exhibits against strong storms and hurricanes. Tile, for many people, feels exotic, as it is not seen nearly as much in northern areas of the U.S.. This also contributes to why people value it more. Let’s explore in greater depth the reasons so many homeowners select tile roofing.

Visual Appeal –

Astonishing is a frequent word used to describe how tile roofing looks. In the opinions of many, tile roofing is the most beautiful type of roofing material that can be used. The picturesque feel of tile is quite alluring and harkens back to centuries past, imitating classic Mediterranean structures.

Lifespan  –

Tile roofing offers the most durable of all roofing materials. Tile offers resistance to fire, insects and performs quite well in extreme heat.  They are also very effective against the impact of hurricane-force winds.  All these factors give a tile roof longevity of between 50-100 years. In addition, no other roofing material can stand up to the elements like a correctly installed tile roof can.

Variety –

One of the reasons tile roof installations have gained such popularity is the breadth of variance in coloration and styles.  There are numerous types of tile such as Spanish tile, Marseille tile, true barrel tile, and another popular tile in south Florida being scalloped.  Of course, there are more than the aforementioned, but the point is that there is a lot of variety in tile roofing.

Strong Energy Savings –

The elevated thremal mass of tile roofing aids the tiles in doing a better job of regulating the home’s temperature.  This improved temperature regulation results in saving money on the power bill.

Sensible Investment –

The significant increase in home value alone is worth investing in a new tile roof, but tile is even more appealing when considering the value per year. If you opt for a new asphalt roof, you will likely be replacing your roof within the next decade; and in Florida with hurricanes perhaps even quicker. With an investment in tile, you’ll more than probably never need to replace the roof, and if you did, it should be covered by insurance.

As demonstrated, there are numerous benefits to a tile roof replacement in Florida. Whether your goal is to heighten your house’s curb appeal or looking for substantial assistance against devastating hurricanes, a tile roof replacement in Coral Springs, Florida will almost always be a wise investment.  When considering the look, overall year-to-year savings, increased energy efficiency, longevity, and durability tile is the way to go.

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