Cleaning Equipment Auto Scrubbers

Cleaning a large commercial building can be an arduous task. The traditional method of cleaning and scrubbing hard floors was to use a mop, bucket and lots of man power. Since the nineteen sixties many types of cleaning equipment have been introduced to take the man power out of the equation. With commercial buildings such as department stores and warehouses getting larger there has been a demand for new types of cleaning equipment to aid in keeping the flooring in pristine condition. One major type of cleaning equipment that has been introduced to accomplish this tank is the auto scrubber.

The auto scrubber works on three basic principles. These principles are, wet the floor, scrub the floor and then suck the dirty water up off the floor. Advances in auto scrubber technology have made I possible that floors can be cleaned in a fraction of the time reducing man hours and producing a cleaner floor. Konseling Online There are many auto scrubber manufacturers in the world and most auto scrubbers work the same way and have almost the same design. Most auto scrubbers have a brush or pad that rotates and agitates dirt from the flooring surface. A solution line

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