Royal Golden Eagle supports sustainable fashion with Infinited Fiber Company (IFC) investment

Singapore-based Royal Golden Eagle, previously known as Raja Garuda Mas, comprises a group of eight world-class companies around the globe, specialising in resource-based manufacturing. Led and pioneered by Sukanto Tanoto, RGE is an undeniable leader in the industry. Tanoto’s visions for RGE’s many companies are unmatched, with special focus on sustainable textile production and fashion.

In line with this, Royal Golden Eagle has joined a group of investors, including the H&M Group, Virala, and Fortum, to help Infinited Fiber Company (IFC) scale up its unique technology. This technology turns textile waste and other pulp-based materials into new textile fibres. RGE further signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IFC in order to commercialise their technology.

Infinited Fiber Company has created a technology that allows textile waste to be used repeatedly, whilst preserving 100% quality. Infinited Fiber was born at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, one of the leading research and technology organisations in Europe.

The IFC vision is to rid the fashion industry of the take-make-dispose mentality, which is unfortunately a contemporary reality. In order to make impactful solutions for the planet, Infinited Fiber’s technology brings social, environmental, and economical impact within the fashion and textile industry. Their revolutionary technology regenerates new fibre from old, and is a highly cost-efficient solution.

Royal Golden Eagle is committed towards making textile production more sustainable and minimising the harmful impact textile production can have on the environment. Their aim is to support innovative next-generation solutions that can be applied at industrial scale. Indeed, IFC’s technology is one such major solution.

IFC’s technology turns textile, cardboard, and agricultural waste into new natural fibre, thus reducing the usage of new virgin materials. The largest viscose producing companies by RGE, Sateri and Asia Pacific Rayon, collectively produce approximately 1.4 million tons of viscose using raw materials from renewable plantations annually. As such, IFC’s technology works well for RGE’s leading viscose-producing companies, as it works to use recycled feedstock and clean solvent to produce fibres, thus improving sustainability and making circular fashion a reality.

For IFC, this is the largest singular investment the company has received to date, allowing the Finnish start-up to accelerate their plans to bring their technology to a level of large-scale manufacturing, enabling global leading brands to bring capsule collections to the markets in 2020.

In order to produce Infinited Fiber for testing purposes with global brand owners such as H&M, VF Corporation, and their manufacturers, IFC has been operating a 50-ton per annum pilot plant in Finland since early 2018. In 2019, the company leased production facilities in southern Finland for a new pre-commercial 500-ton per annum plant and customer training centre, which are expected to begin in early 2020. As such, this investment by RGE will contribute towards large-scale manufacturing of their technology in an enormous way.

This investment by RGE, in August 2019, reflects Tanoto’s continuous commitment towards sustainable practices in fashion and textile production. IFC is revolutionising a large global industry, creating a major long-term impact on the environment, supported by Royal Golden Eagle.

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